Humanity is pushing further outside of our atmosphere. We take a look at the space tech coming out of places like NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin that is powering the space exploration of tomorrow.


The moon is a lot more seismically active than we thought

When humans return to the moon, they’ll want to choose their landing site carefully.

An image depicting the moons tectonic plates

What would we do if an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth?

Researchers are undergoing a practice drill to see how we’d respond if our chances were as bad as 1 in 100 that it would hit.


This 3D-printed beehive could be our future home on Mars

A NASA competition to develop habitats for space missions is down to two finalists—and you could test out one of the designs.

Nasa 3d printed habitat challenge entry from AI space factory

The first study of a twin in space looks like good news for a trip to Mars

Thanks to twin astronauts, we now have our first solid evidence of how the human body responds to long-term spaceflight—and it’s thrown up some mysteries.

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