Ethical Tech

With issues like privacy, AI bias, fake news, hate speech, job automation, genetic discrimination and voter manipulation, how can we build and regulate technology ethically and responsibly?

Ethical Tech

How a Google Street View image of your house predicts your risk of a car accident

Insurance companies, banks, and health-care organizations can dramatically improve their risk models by analyzing images of policyholders’ houses, say researchers.

A screen capture of Google satellite map
Ethical Tech

Drones are delivering life-saving medicines in Ghana. We went to see it happen.

For nurses like Gladys Dede Tetteh and her team, Zipline’s new drone delivery service is helping them get their community the vaccines and medicines they vitally need.

Ethical Tech

The UK’s online laws could be the future of the internet—and that’s got people worried

While they’re a welcome warning to big tech, some fear that if the implementation is botched they could easily lead to censorship.

Ethical Tech

Google employees are lining up to trash Google’s AI ethics council

The independent council was meant to help Google’s public image, but the blowback shows just how fraught—and politicized—use of AI is becoming.

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